Tora Judo Club
Brampton, Ontario


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White Belt - ROKKYU

Welcome to Tora Judo Club. We hope you will enjoy practicing judo at our dojo. 
It is our objective to provide quality instruction for both the recreational or competitive judoka. 
To ensure safe and enjoyable classes, please follow the rules of the dojo at all times:

Arrive to class on time
Wear your judogi for all practice sessions & keep your belt tied properly
Female judokas: please wear a white t-shirt under the judogi
Keep your judogi clean and in good repair
Keep your body clean; fingernails and toenails trimmed
Remove all jewelry and hard objects when practicing
No chewing gum on the mats
Remain quiet and attentive during instruction from your sensei
Be courteous and helpful to all judoka at all times
Use the correct forms of standing and kneeling bows
Always bow before going on or off the mats; before and after practicing with your partner; at the start and end of class
Sit cross-legged or in kneeling bow position
Accept instruction from an authorized instructor only
Practice only techniques that are appropriate to your age, aptitude and ability
Seek to practice with higher ranking opponents 
Engage in competition only when authorized by the instructor
Respect the dojo - respect the mats - respect your sensei - respect your partner - respect yourself