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Tora Judo Club: Founded in 1970

Tora is proud of its association with the City of Brampton for almost 35 years.  During this time, thousands of students have proudly called Tora their second home. We at Tora are fortunate in having our members gather many medals  from all over the world.  However success in competition is not the primary goal.  As Professor Kano said, our goal is to produce better people.

To produce a better person requires training, discipline, team work, selflessness as well as dedication.  Tora's volunteer instructors offer all of this in addition to teaching the techniques of judo.

We at Tora offer you to a new adventure -- one that has been taken by many students before you.  We hope you find this adventure as rewarding as we have.

The Tora family:

Our many qualified instructors:

Our instructors are fully certified to coach and all have many years of coaching and instruction under their belts. Tora Judo Club has produced many black belts. Many of the instructors have been with the club for over 20 years; we even have a few original members from the very beginning of Tora!  We have also seen third generation judokas coming on our mats. .

Tony Kelly - Sandan 3rd degree
Tony recently obtained his National A referee status while in BC in early 2011. Tony is the current club president and has been around the club since the early day's of Tora. Tony runs the fighters class on Tuesday nights. Tony has his Dojo Instructor (NCCP Level 2 coaching) and can be seen refereeing at almost all tournaments.

Heather West (Reid) - Sandan 3rd degree
Heather started Judo back in the 70's with her two older brothers Glenn and Kevin, she left as a brown belt and came back in 1999 when her youngest Derrick showed an interest in Judo. Since that time Heather has been actively involved in the club in various ways and was Manager of the JO Provincial Team for two years and a provincial coach for one year. Heather still competes, coaches and referees. Heather has her Dojo Instructor (NCCP Level 2 coaching), her Provincial A and National C referee status.

Roland Chalons - Sandan 3rd degree
Rolly started Judo in Tahiti in 1964, where he progressed to his brown belt. He came to Canada in 1969 and in 1984 he joined the Tora Judo Club. Rolly received his black belt in 1995, he currently has this Sandan, NCCP level 2 certified and has Provincial B status in referring. Rolly teaches at the club on Thursday nights and Saturday mornings.

Grant Kuramoto - Yondan 4th degree
Originally from the Steveston Judo Club in British Columbia, Grant moved to Ontario and joined the Tora Judo Club in 2004. Grant, who enjoys practicing judo with his children Michael and Lindsay, provides instruction in both the junior and adult classes. He currently holds an IJF Continental referee license and serves on the Judo Ontario referee committee.

Alexander Foster

Alexander Reid - Shodan 1st degree
Alexander started Judo in 2000, he has competed in various tournaments throughout the years and obtained his black belt in 2009. Alexander made the Ontario Provincial Team in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. He also obtained his Dojo Assistant (NCCP Level 1) and is a Provincial B referee.

Derrick Reid - Shodan 1st degree
Derrick started Judo in 2000, he has competed in various tournaments throughout the years and obtained his black belt in June 2010. Derrick also has his Dojo Assistant (NCCP Level 1) and will be working on his Dojo Instructor (NCCP Level 2 this May). Derrick helps out with the fighters class and the adult classes. He brings new ideas and approaches to classes by applying his education in exercise science, other martial arts and strength conditioning training.

Jacob Smith- Nidan August 2012 Jacob (Jake) started Judo in his early twenties and quickly fell in love with the sport. Originally training under Goki Uemura 8th Dan of Shin Bu Kan, Jake moved to Brampton in 2004 and has been with at Tora since that time. Jake has also spent several years training other martial arts such as Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, Mauy Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Besides providing instruction to both the kids and adult classes, Jake also enjoys competitive fighting and practicing Judo with his son Noah. Jake is NCCP Level 2 certified.

Genna Burnett- Shodan (First degree). Genna started Judo in 2002 and steadily progressed through to her brown belt in November 2007. Genna has been a member of the Ontario Provincial Judo Team for 4 years from 2006 to 2009, placing third in her division at the Canadian Junior Nationals in 2009. In 2008, Genna placed first in her division and represented the Central West Region at the Ontario Winter Games. Genna has participated in various tournaments across Canada the in the USA.

Mark .... Shodan (First degree). Mark started Judo in ....

Peter Mara - Shodan 1st degree

Other Black Belts from Tora

Nicole Jenicek - Nidan

Mick McNabb - Shodan

Thank you to the countless volunteer instructors who spend countless hours teaching and coaching! 

Thank you to our volunteers!   

We would not be operational today without you!  Thank you for your many hours carrying out the administrative tasks, fundraising and cheering our judoka on!  

One of our most infamous parent volunteers, Fran McCrodden  started out driving her children to and from tournaments.  Over the span of 30 years, she became an invaluable administrator for the club as well as our current tournament director.  Her contributions to Tora Judo and Judo ON are immensely appreciated!    

Very very special thanks to Tora's devoted Michelle Sewell.  She is the one behind the counter who handles countless tasks including club registration.  Some of our most loyal volunteers, like Fran and Michelle, are those whose children have grown and long since left the club! 

Our Dojo!

Work out in one of the most spacious dojos in Canada! Our mat space is unsurpassed. Parents:  we have plenty of comfortable seating so please feel free to stick around and watch your child's practice! Consider joining yourself! Over 20 years ago, Tora judokas worked hard at fundraising to make significant contributions to the funding of this dojo.  The fruits of that labour are  still enjoyed today at Terry Miller Rec Centre.


What is Judo?

Judo is a self defense martial art that teaches it's practitioners (judoka) to gain control over an attacker without striking him or her. It is a method of turning an   opponent's strength against him or her and overcoming by skill rather than sheer strength.

Judo does not involve punching, kicking or striking techniques but rather, uses throws, holds, chokes and grappling (it looks more like wrestling than other martial arts).

Through the study of judo, judoka learn respect (for self and others), discipline, responsibility and control. Judo is a safe, fun way to reduce stress; while increasing physical fitness, confidence and overall well being.

Notable Events in Canadian Judo History

Jigoro Kano - Founder of Judo1924 - Judo in Canada founded; Mr. Steve Sasaki opens first judo dojo in Vancouver

- Canadian Kodokan Black Belt Association (Judo Canada) founded

- Judo becomes Olympic sport; Doug Rogers wins silver at the Tokyo Olympics

- Mark Berger wins a bronze medal in the Los Angeles Olympic games

- Women's judo competition becomes official part of Olympics

- - Nicholas Gill wins bronze medal at the Barcelona Olympic Games

2000 - Nicholas Gill wins a silver medal in the Sydney Olympics

2012 - Antoine Valois-Fortier wins a bronze medal at the London Olympic Games




Classes held at: Terry Miller Rec Centre
Williams Pkwy/Bramalea Rd., Brampton, ON - CANADA

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